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1 October 2017

Short-list(s) announced for FiPP 2017

Congratulations to all those photographers making the short lists for 2017. As part of the entry process into FiPP 2017, images were automatically renamed to ensure anonymity. Entrants received a notification of the original file-name of their image AND the new code-name associated with it for the judging. That data is used below. SMART PHONE/MOBILE PHONE SECTION The judges have selected the following 31 images as the finalists in this section. The exhibition will feature these images: m_1_1, m_8_1, m_8_4, m_20_2, m_20_3, m_56_1, m_72_1, m_112_3, m_157_1, m_164_2, m_179_1, m_204_1, m_216_3, m_216_1, m_223_2, m_258_1, m_304_1, m_332_2, m_359_1, m_392_1, m_397_1, m_457_1, m_556_1, m_634_1, m_727_1, m_732_3, m_732_1, m_732_2, m_734_1, m_796_1, m_803_1. The photographers responsible for the above images were: Annabel Olward, Casey Edwards, Damon Annison, Dennis Tan, Ginette Hillman, Goran Jovic, Helga Leunig, Janet O'Brien, Johannes Reinhart, Julie-Anne Buck, Katherine Binnie, Lauren Waye, Madelin Love, Mark Gardiner, Nancye Miles-Tweedie, Olivia Vincent, Raoul Slater, Ray Ross, Robyn Macrae, Sheryn Ellis, Susan Moss, Timothy Kennaway, Trish Thomas, Zalira Dalton. DIGITAL CAMERA SECTION (FiPP) The judges have selected the following 105 images as the finalists in this section. The exhibition will feature prints of these images: c_7_1, c_12_1, c_17_1, c_26_3, c_26_5, c_47_1, c_55_2, c_61_3, c_103_1, c_105_1, c_106_4, c_106_1, c_113_2, c_118_1, c_125_4, c_138_1, c_140_2, c_146_1, c_148_3, c_149_2, c_150_1, c_153_1, c_154_3, c_162_1, c_175_2, c_175_1, c_176_1, c_178_2, c_185_1, c_187_4, c_188_1, c_188_4, c_189_2, c_209_1, c_232_1, c_233_1, c_251_1, c_254_3, c_256_1, c_257_1, c_272_1, c_279_1, c_281_1, c_282_1, c_302_2, c_307_2, c_316_3, c_325_1, c_330_3, c_353_2, c_361_1, c_388_1, c_396_2, c_418_1, c_419_1, c_430_3, c_435_4, c_449_1, c_451_3, c_454_2, c_454_3, c_466_3, c_482_1, c_485_5, c_492_2, c_506_4, c_515_4, c_517_4, c_524_2, c_536_2, c_562_1, c_573_3, c_573_4, c_573_5, c_585_2, c_590_4, c_600_2, c_601_1, c_601_2, c_640_2, c_640_3, c_642_2, c_648_2, c_659_1, c_663_1, c_667_5, c_669_1, c_670_1, c_675_3, c_675_5, c_676_1, c_685_1, c_690_4, c_693_1, c_696_2, c_714_5, c_738_1, c_739_3, c_761_2, c_766_1, c_769_1, c_770_2, c_771_3, c_811_1. The photographers responsible for the above images were: Alban Vinevel, Alicia Bowser, Alistair Dunlop, Alma Sarhan, Amber Scobie, Andrea Francolini, Barry Feldman, Belle Verdiglione, Bill Gekas, Brandie Rowe, Branko Petrovic, Candice Goldsmith, Carlos Arevalo, Charmaine Heyer, Cindy Bosveld, Cole Maguire, Colleen Sleer, Conor Smith, Constance Hanscom, Craig Franke, Dennis Tan, Elesa Astle, Farhad Mobarra, Ferne Millen, Frederick Armstrong, Gaia Boranga, Gary Beresford, Georga McMullen, Goran Jovic, Graeme Ditterich, Greg Bilton, Greg Fisher, Helen Newnham, Helena Kristel, Helga Dalla, Helga Leunig, Hilda Bezuidenhout, Ian English, Ian Farrell, Istvan Kerekes, Jason Eagle, Jennifer Smith, Johannes Reinhart, John Watson, Jon Brook, Julian Boxriker, Karen O'Connor, Kathy Chapman, Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne, Kerry-Anne De Klerk, Kris Anderson, Lauren Crooke, Liv Stockley, Lori Cicchini, Margaret Edwards, Mark Jones, Melissa Anderson, Michelle Lucking, Natalie Ord, Nic Duncan, Nicole Wells, Nigel Gaunt, Olivia Vincent, Pam Welch, Paul Thompson, Peter Bowdidge, Peter Rossi, Raymond Phang, Ricky Gestro, Roberto Spotti, Robin Yong, Robyn Hills, Ross Swanborough, Sandra Lamonaca, Sandy Goddard, Shannon Smith, Sheryn Ellis, Simone Addison, Simone Cheung, Stephen Miles, Steven Cutts, Tammy Watson, Terence Bogue, Timothy Bradshaw, Vicki Bell.

28 September 2017

‘Packers’ Prize’ surprise

IN the lead-up to the opening of an outstanding international art exhibition in Fremantle on 22 October, the organisers of the 2017 FiPP (Fremantle International Portrait Prize) have stolen a move from the Archibald Prize playbook and announced its Packers’ Prize, the image that most caught the steward's eye as almost 1600 entries, from more than 15 countries, rolled in during May and August this year. (NB: Because it is chosen before any images are judged by our 2 judging panels, the Packers’ Prize is not an indicator of the actual winner of FiPP. The winners will be announced on 21 October 2017). Dale Neill (pictured right), a South Fremantle-based photographer and Chief Steward of FiPP said he picked Hungarian photographer Istvan Kerekes' image of a young family feeding a baby (below right) because it highlighted the diversity and originality of this year’s entries. Kerekes, from Gyor-Moson-Sopron in Hungary said of his image: "I was walking near a forest in the Harghita Mountains area of Transylvania in Romania when I heard cowbells from inside the forest. Erika (the 18 year old mother) and her child Mirela, together with Erika’s brother Norbert, are cowherds. The forest is named "frightening-beech forest" because the zone is full of brown bears. But these three: Erika, Mirela and Norbert, work there all day (from early morning to late at night) in this little forest-clearing with their twenty cows." Mr Neill said he was full of admiration for the photographer's talent, daring and passion. "At the same time, his image has a completely natural, unretouched, un-Photoshopped feel about it. He takes me back to a time when photography was observant, enquiring and natural. In short, his work is brilliant." This image joins the 136 other FiPP finalists that will be on display at the Moores Galley in Henry Street from 22 October to 5 November as one of the highlights of this year’s Fremantle Festival. This year’s FiPP features, for the first time, a section exclusively for images created with mobile telephones. The top 31 finalists from this section will form part of the display as a massive audio visual presentation. The remaining 105 images will be professionally printed, mounted and hung for public viewing. Entry to the entire exhibition is free but a gold coin donation (to help cover costs) would be appreciated at the door. Full colour catalogues containing the stories behind all 137 images (like the one above) will be on sale at the venue for just $5. The winners of the 2017 FiPP will be announced at a gala invitation- only ceremony on 21 October but rosettes indicating the winners will be placed throughout the exhibition space. The details will also be printed in the official catalogue. A significant portion of the entry fees from FiPP 2017 will be donated to Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA to assist it continue its community work fighting this debilitating condition. Media enquiries: 0407 082 371


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